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Ben Hutton Family Tree

Joe Hutton Family Tree


History of the Hutton Family Up Until 1968

The history of the Hutton Family is one of great interest, adventure, and courage. It is the story of early pioneers in Afro-American culture. The story, as recorded here, it not complete and may not be completely accurate. It is based upon interview with family members. It is hoped that you will continue to investigate, update and record the history of the Huttons. Also, it is very important for the younger Huttons to know about their heritage. “We can better appreciate where we are if we know where we came from.

Our story begins with Jules and Sarah Hutton. Jules was born a slave in about 1863. Jules and Sarah lived in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Unto their union was born eight (8) children. They later moved and settled near the Sunflower River in Bolivar County Mississippi. Jules died and is buried at Union Cemetery near Sunflower River. We have many other family members also buried there. A headstone has been placed at Jules’ grave, so it may always be found.

About the Family

John Hutton, their oldest child, died young, probably before his father.

Lou Winnie Hutton West, the oldest girl, married Alex West. Alex had a son, Ned, who lived in Memphis, TN. Alex daughters, Queenola, who lived in Chicago, had two (2) girls “Sugar Baby” and the other “Baby Ruth” who was raised by her Uncle Mack.

Mack Hutton and his wife Katie had one son, James “Pee Wee”. Mack was considered prosperous and a proud man. He purchased 40 acres of land near the Sunflower river that later became known as the “Hutton Farm”. He stipulated that Hutton family members would always be welcome to live on the Farm which is still in operation. Katie had a daughter, Pauline, who settled in California. Pauline had a daughter named Gerline who moved to Chicago. After some time, Mack and Katie moved to California where Katie’s sister lived. Mac Hutton died about 1955 and Katie died about 1970.

James “Pee Wee” and his wife Polly lived on the Farm and produced a large variety of fruit, vegetables and livestock. Many family members can remember how he generously shared pecans, veggies, watermelons, fresh cured pork meat, crackling, sweet potatoes and other goodies.

Sam Hutton had a son that died at a young age.

Jethroe Hutton, Sr. was a preacher who settled in Memphis, TN. He had a son, Jethroe, Jr. who once lived in St. Louis, MO. He also had a daughter, Lorine, who lived in Michigan. Lorine married Buster Gaines and had two children: John Wesley Molden, “Hooker” and a daughter named Catherine Gaines Mayfield who lived in Michigan. Catherine was married to Howard Mayfield. Catherine had five children: Tyrell, Aletreus, Rodrico, Loresha and Chavon.

Annie Bell Hutton, the youngest daughter, married Mose. They didn’t have any children.

Joseph (Joe) and Ben (Pant) Hutton, the youngest of the children (they were twins). The family moved to the river in Bolivar County when they were almost about fourteen years old. Joe and Ben moved their family to Cleveland, MS in the late 1940’s. Their homes were one block apart and they stayed there until both of them died. It is basically from the brothers that the Hutton s of today has evolved.

Joseph (Joe) Hutton and Lillie Lou had twelve children: Lenora, Vinnie, Jules, Joseph, Mack, John, Delores, Geraldine, Lee Kelly, Vernell, Giles and one who died at birth.

Ben Hutton and Natarlia had ten children: L.T., Bennie, Ethel, Tommie, Lucy, Sarah, Gloria, Jessie and Bertha. One child died at birth.

The Story Continues

We are currently compiling updated information on the generations following Joseph and Lillie Lou Hutton as well as Ben and Natarlia Hutton. We would greatly appreciate you providing us with details of each generation to include full names of each offspring, their spouse and current city along with the same information for their children, grandchildren, etc. Also please indicate anyone who is deceased by using an asterisk (*) prior to their name. Please send that information to Thanks.